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February 3, 2016, 2:58 PM

Some observations when reading 1 Chronicles 22

King David saw that the ark of the Lord had been housed in tents for many years. He thought it was not right that the Lord's Holy Ark would be housed in a mere tent when he himself dwelt in a beautiful house.

Out of respect and love for God, David decided to build a great temple for the Lord God. When he told the prophet Nathan what he wanted to do, Nathan told him go ahead and do what is in his heart however the Lord spoke to Nathan and instructed him; David shall not build me a house because he is a man who has shed much blood. His son Solomon is a peaceful man and he shall build a temple for me.

Even though David was a man after God's own heart, even though David was the greatest king in Israel, even though David had a great relationship with God, even though David had done what he was supposed to do in war, God said David was disqualified because he had shed much blood.

Imagine the prophet Nathan having to go back and tell David, no, you shall not build God's temple; instead your son Solomon will build God's temple. Imagine what David probably felt. Sometimes we have to get our feelings out of the way and let the truth of God enter our heart. One cannot stay offended at God and be at peace.

David certainly was organized and skilled enough to gather the man power to build the temple. The issue was not about skills and intellect. God chooses his own man to do what He wants him to do. God chooses the individuals He wants to serve in different offices and positions. One may be disqualified from doing a certain thing and yet God still uses him or her in another area. It is not a matter of one person being better than another. One cannot read the Holy Scripture and assume that Solomon was greater than David; it is about the Lord's choosing.

David did not believe he was less than any other because God said he could not build the temple; neither should any person believe someone is inferior if God does not choose or allow him to do something or fill some office or position. David did what he could to assist his son Solomon in building the temple. David gave Solomon the design, gathered and prepared many temple materials before he died. David did not consider it so important that he build the temple; rather David considered it important that the temple would be built. Therefore David prepared with all his might to help Solomon by gathering and preparing materials for building the temple.

Whatever God has given us to do; we should do it with all our ability. Perhaps you feel disqualified to do certain things in the kingdom of God; then do what you are qualified and called to do. It may be assisting someone else as David did. We all work together and God, not man gets all the glory.

Written by Pastor Loraine Taylor 2-1-16

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